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Zomato is a global restaurant search and discovery service. It provides restaurant information, such as scanned menus and photos, as well as user reviews and ratings amongst other features and offerings.


I spent the better half of two years working with the product team at Zomato. During this period I had the opportunity to be a part of both the Design and Development Teams. This gave me a unique perspective of the underlying methodology and process required to build a successful product.

I spent a few initial months working on the design team and then slowly transitioned to the front end team. I helped create a new responsive grid to power the now responsive web site and contributed to developing the interfaces and features for new releases.


At a time when Zomato was experiencing high growth and expanding rapidly to international markets, it became important to present to the growing customers a look into the company, the people behind it, it’s culture etc.

I was tasked with designing the pages which represented the company and the values for which it stands, highlight the people behind the scenes and why it does what it does.

Final Outcome
Zomato Careers page Zomato About page Zomato Culture Page 2014 Zomato Culture Page 2015 Zomato Contact Page 2015

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