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Aldoshik aims to be a leading player in the team reward management space. It offers a proprietary cloud based employee recognition and rewardal system.


My role in this project was to streamline the interface and make the different features of the product easy to interpret and simple to use. For this project I collaborated with the in-house product team and designers.

Design Details

After getting up-to-date with the research, flows and wireframes established by the rest of the team, we quickly moved onto the next phase of the design cycle, which was actually designing the product.

Product Details

At the core of the product is an e-commerce store from where the users can exchange the gems awarded to them by their managers and superiors as a reward or recognition for their hard work, for products in the store.

Aldoshik product details
The item detail - Apart from displaying the usual description and the item name, the section also displays the various colour and size options if they exist. The cost of the product is denoted in "gems" which is the currency used on the platform

The product screen was designed around the add-to-cart button as the primary action point.

Store Details

There main catalogue page displayed the various products available in the store. The user had an option of also seeing the the products from a particular provider or just see all the products in the catalogue.

Aldoshik product details
The thumbnails display the price of the product in the app currency, the social rating of the product, the category it belongs to and also an icon which added it to the store.

Filtering Products

As there would be multiple pages worth of products to display to the user in the future, it was decided to add a simple filter which would aid the user to narrow down the catalouge should he/she chose to do so.

Aldoshik product filters
The parameters of the filters were simple and only consisted of the price (in gems), the social rating and the categories of products in the store.
Final Outcome
Aldoshik product page Aldoshik product marketplace Aldoshik user dashboard Aldoshik user profile

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